DiVertigo All Natural Vertigo Relief 5ml

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Regain balance and control of your life. DiVertigo is an all natural oil that quickly and safely alleviates the symptoms that accompany vertigo, caused by conditions related to the inner ear. And it works quickly, even after you start feeling dizzy and nauseous. Just apply a drop behind each ear for fast vertigo relief in 3 to 5 minutes. The small bottle easily fits into your pocket or purse for fast relief at home or on the go.

When applied behind each ear, DiVertigo oils absorb quickly through the skin. The active ingredients travel to the inner ear, calming the symptoms and making you feel better fast: without pills, drowsiness or side effects.

Works in just 5 minutes
Safe & effective
No Side Effects
Doctor Recommended
100% all natural oil. No pills.
For ages 5 years and older

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