Foltene Men's European Revitalizing Shampoo for Thinning Hair 6.8oz

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Developed for men who suffer from fine and thinning hair due to hereditary factors, stress, fatigue, incorrect diets and other lifestyle factors. This formulation is based on Tricosaccaride, Foltene’s patented hair growth booster, which strengthens fine, thinning hair and restores the natural balance of the scalp. The Revitalizing and Nourishing Complex, a balanced mixture of vitamins (including B5, B6 and E) has a nutrition and protection action. The results: Hair becomes stronger, fuller, and healthier.

• Patented Tricosaccaride
• Stronger, Fuller, Healthier Hair
• Restores the natural balance of the scalp

Recommended for use with Foltene Men’s Revitalizing Treatment for thinning hair.

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