Grecian 5 5-Minute Hair Color For Men Real Black G55

Grecian 5 5-Minute Hair Color For Men Real Black G55

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Grecian 5 Men's Hair Color shampoos away gray in just 5 minutes and brings back the look of your own natural color. Grecian 5 turns gray hairs into subtle, natural looking highlights. Highlights are a lighter shade of your own natural color - like the look you may get after being out in the sun. Gray is gone and your hair looks natural and healthy. If you're not sure which shade matches your natural color, try a lighter shade rather than a darker one. The thick, rich formula won't drip so there's no mess. And Grecian 5 can be used on facial hair, too. Effective & gentle, with aloe and wheat germ oil, and no harsh ammonia. Color lasts up to 6 weeks, no matter how often you shampoo, it won't fade or wash out. Built-in conditioners, including panthenol, leave your hair looking thicker, fuller, healthier and easier to control.

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